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As we move forward in 2024, we are planning events sometime in the late spring or early summer. J. Doran Vineyards features many events , tastings throughout the year! From our JDV golf event, Our JDV Day at the Ballpark to Vintner dinners and wine festivals There is always something going on… you can sign up for our monthly newsletter or follow us on Facebook for the latest

  • J. Doran Vineyards Release Party <p>Come join us as we celebrate the planting of new vineyards and the release of our latest wines. </p>

    Copperopolis, Ca

    Mid May 2024 TBD

  • J Doran Vineyards Golf Tournament <p>Join us for a day of golf set in the beautiful Sierra Foothills along with JDV wines. </p><p>Check out the beautiful Twain Harte Golf Course </p><p></p><p></p><p></p>

    Twain Harte Golf Course, Twain Harte, Ca

    Summer 2024

  • J. Doran Vineyard Summer Celebration <p>Pair JDV wines with great Summer food and enjoy a beautiful BBQ and a day on Lake Tulloch. </p>


    Summer 2024

  • JDV Winemaker for a Day join us for a sneak peak behind the scenes into how wine is made. Get a chance to take brix samples, Punch downs and pumpovers and get a first hand look and feel for making wine . Limited openings.

    Calaveras, CA

    Sept/Oct 2024 TBD

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  • In the Vineyards

    2024 July Updates

    June was an eventful month here in the Vineyards. As the vines continued to settle in and grow, summer days grew longer and temps began to increase. Everything remained on track and moving forward.

    With that said, June was not wiithout it's challenges. On the 17th , a "Red Flag Warning" was issued, due to high temps, low humidity and strong winds out of the North. At about 3:30pm a fire north of here was reported. Within minutes, it jumped from 8 acres, to 80 acres, to 150 acres to 300 acres. There was zero containment. It became clear this was not your usual fire situation. It was time to evacuate. By 4:30pm, the fire was at 1,500 acres. Got out of the area and got a hotel up near Sacramento. All you could do is follow the reports and hope that there will be something to return to.

    A couple of days later, still at the hotel, antecdotal news began to filter in that the fire had spared the house and property. But it was close... WAY too close. Righfully so, the community really thanked the first responders and fire crews that saved this little community. As good as Cal Fire was, the truth is we were also lucky. If the fire had broken thru their final containment lines, this would have been a repeat of the Paradise fire which engulfed and destroyed an entire community.

    Upon returning, All was safe and well with the exception of some pissed off chickens. ( Fear not, they were left with plenty of food and water). Afterwards, it took some time to decompress from all of this, as you are too busy in the moment to process everything.

    I will be more than pleased to avoid any similar instances thru the rest of the year.

  • In the Barrel

    A short take on the 2023 vintage. 2023 will be remembered for a relatively cool summer, that provided excellent hang time on fruit. In general terms the summer was a relief from recent very warm summers. An added bonus was that this was a year without major wild fires.

  • Winemaker's Blog

    We are now 3 months in with the first vineyard block. For the first year, the sole goal it to establish a root system and have the vines reaching the cordon wires. As we enter July, the first real test for the vineyard will be arriving. A sustained heat wave begins on the 2nd, with triple digit temps for the next 2 weeks. This is not ideal. But eventually, you are going to have a "trial by fire" in the development of the vineyard. That is going to be taking place now. When the temps hit 100 degrees ( 37.8 C) the vines shut down. They conserve energy. In the case of this vineyard block, Any fruit that shows up will be pinched off, in order to insure the vines are putting all their energy into establishing their root system. Irrigation will be increased, and the vines will be monitored to see if an afternoon watering is needed.

    The first block features two varietals, Syrah & Merlot. (Syrah 37 Alban 2 & Merlot 15 French 181) The Syrah is on SO4 rootstock while the Merlot is on 5C rootstock. Both the varietals and the rootstocks perform well in warm climate and soil conditions here.

    As we go forward into July, the temps pick up and we will be operating in the 90's F / 32.2c to 100's F/37c. In this first year, keeping the vines from heat stress and hydrated is critical. Irrigation will be closely monitored to prevent the vines from drying out. This is also a period of rapid growth for vines and so walking the vineyard every couple of days & tying up the vines to train their growth is important. So this is the daily routine here at JDV.....

    As promised, we'll give you a chance to see all of this via photos & video. You will find these on our FB page.

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    Calaveras Winegrape Alliance

    JDV is a proud member of the Calaveras Winegrape Alliance (CWA) . Click below to find out more about this amazing region...