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As we exit 2020 and move forward into 2021, we anticipate a return to events post Covid-19. While many of these are "TBD" at the moment, we are planning to begin events sometime in the late spring or early summer. J. Doran Vineyards features many events , tastings throughout the year! From our JDV golf event, Our JDV Day at the Ballpark to Vintner dinners and wine festivals There is always something going on… you can sign up for our monthly newsletter or follow us on Facebook for the latest

  • Take Two Wines Sparkling Wine Release: our partnership project features a Sonoma County Sparkling Pinot Noir release

    Mid March TBD

  • San Francisco Wine Competition

    San Francisco, CA

    Spring 2021

  • Almaden Valley Art & Wine festival Join us for boutique wines from northern California vineyards, craft beer, food, live entertainment, hand-made crafts, a silent auction, kids activities and more.

    Almaden Lake Park, San Jose, CA

    September 2021

  • Sonoma County Showcase Weekend of Wine & Food <p>Summer 2021 </p>

    Sonoma, CA

    The Sonoma County Showcase is Wine Country's premier epicurean festival, with four days of fantastic wine and food presented by world-renowned winemakers and Sonoma’s top chefs. Events include private winery lunches and dinners, vineyard experiences, an extraordinary gala dinner, and Taste of Sonoma, a two-day grand tasting with more than 100 wineries, 50 chefs, wine seminars, chef competitions, and more.

  • Santa Monica Wine Fest Enjoy a diverse group of wines from around the world. You'll taste and learn from the winemakers themselves. We also have food vendors and music, all under one roof.

    Santa Monica, CA

    Spring 2021

  • JDV Winemaker for a Day join us for a sneak peak behind the scenes into how wine is made. Get a chance to take brix samples, Punch downs and pumpovers and get a first hand look and feel for making wine . Limited openings.

    Sonoma, CA

    Sept/Oct 2021 TBD

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  • In the Vineyards

    As we hit the middle of January, The vines are still sleeping quietly, storing up energy for spring . Pruning & pre Pruning are taking place, depending upon whether the vineyards will be avoiding frost. It's a good time to simply get out & walk the vineyards and look into the the "Framework" of the vineyard. Are their drip irrigation lines to repair? Trellis needing work? I vine needed to be planted. a good time of year to get at this as later you will be busy with other tasks.

  • In the Barrel

    This is the time of year for really 3 things... Barrel topping As there is evaporation and you want to maintain minimum headspace, SO2 adds and tasting. How is the wine shaping up? What characteristics are developing? what potential blends would you consider.

  • Winemaker's Blog

    The beginning of the year is a slow time in the vineyards and at the winery, but this is when many mundane , yet important tasks get taken care of. You take this time and get them out of the way, because in spring, summer & fall you have many tasks to take care of and nature doesn't wait when the vines get going or it is time for harvest. So now is when you order supplies , work on fruit allocations look into everything from ordering glass, capsules , cork & labels. You schedule events , and lay out the groundwork for the up coming year. You deside if you are going to make additional types of wines, and map out your plan for the year. Now we all learned a great lesson in the dumpster fire that was 2020, which you found out in a hurry that the best laid plans can go sideways in a hurry, but the phrase "Failure to plan is planning to fail" still holds true... but we certainly in the wine business know that you often need to improvise... a stuck fermentation, wildfires, equipment failure, weather issues... You learn to think on your feetand to get things done. So, while it isn't exactly the sexy part of the job, getting things done now will pay off.